Nanner (piratehatter) wrote in hhgttg,

Time is an illusion; Newbies doubleyso.

Ello ello Hitchhiker fans. I'm Piratehatter and I'm stalking over here from Guideslash. That place is so dead it makes me cry T^T

That being said, I've been a HGttG for... well... not long (compared to you guys >.>). Maybe 8 months? I don't know. But... I'm mostly a slash fan and that, I'm sure will be present. Is that ok? Slash? Slashiness? Slashitude?

If not, I can live. Well maybe. Anyway, I hurd you guyz liek artz? 

Who is this man, dragging Zaphod away? It's none other than Roosta from Book 2! He needs luv.

I can't be the first one to come up with the idea of humanizing Eddie and Marvin... but gosh darn it, aren't they adorable?

Simple, messy Zaphody sketch

All gussied up for a night on the town. My, isn't Ford... eye catching....

Well that's just a sample. I have more at my DeviantArt site specifically devoted to Hitchhiker's Guide. That's updated... semi-often. And I've recently taken up a challenge: HGttG25, as it were. So that's more motivation.

One last thing before I stop buzzing around: Are fanfics allowed here? Slash fanfics? Mature slash fanfics? Just wondering.
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