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Happy Towel Day [25 May 2011|10:46am]

Happy Towel Day everybody.

RIP Douglas Adams xx
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Please Share and Enjoy [15 Aug 2010|02:14pm]

The guideslash comm (conveniently named for its association with The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams as well as slash and femmeslash fanfiction, fanart, and icons) has been sadly quiet as of late. Since it seems to be something that would (maybe, just maybe) fall under this comm's interests, I thought I'd spread the word that new content would be spectacularly welcome.

There's also an index for fic and art posted in 2003 through 2008, if you'd like to read through -- there's a lot of content there, put up by any number of talented people.

So, Hitchhiker slash fans, grab your towel and your electronic thumb and come on over!
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hello- [20 Jan 2010|10:34am]

[ mood | excited ]

I am new not only to the community but new to hitchhikers in general. i just found it looking for for something not depressing to read at the beach now i am addicted.

well anyways, i made a mood theme and i felt i should share.


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Dirk Gently on Radio 4 [14 Oct 2008|03:16pm]

How did we miss this?!

BBC Radio 4 is doing a serialisation of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Agency followed by The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul in October.
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6th Book [18 Sep 2008|12:32am]


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Announcing Aetherica 2009 - A Fantasy Convention [26 Aug 2008|07:33pm]


Announcing Aetherica 2009 – A Fantasy Convention

We are proud to announce Aetherica, a new fantasy convention to take place in Chester, England on the weekend of June 19th – 21st, 2009.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in the centre of Chester will play host to a weekend of diverse fantasy-themed programming, ranging from presentations and panels to craft workshops and team building activities. Just as fantasy ranges from fairy tales to complex epics, So Aetherica will offer everything from in-depth literary analysis to whimsical games.

Guests of honour include Peter Beagle, a superb author best known for his novel, The Last Unicorn who has been described as “America’s greatest living fantasist,” and Joe Abercrombie, a critically acclaimed new talent whose books have been labelled as “edgy”, “humorous” and “compelling, with a gritty, real-life feel.”

Join us at midsummer 2009, and spend a weekend celebrating all that is magical.

Current membership rates are:
Adults: £35 (until November 16th 2008)
Juniors (5-18): £25
Infants (under 5): £5
Please see our website (Aetherica FAQ) for more details on the rates and price rises.

For more information about the convention, to join or to book a hotel room, see Aetherica.org

Media Enquires: Wednesday Jones
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a panic-reducing wallpaper [28 Apr 2008|11:42pm]

So I found this poster for the good ole 2005 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy film, and desperately wanted a wallpaper version. So I gave it flying-nun-eqsue wings of navy on either side and stuck it on my desktop... but alas! The poster's colours were a little dull, and the portrait thing wasn't kind of working in a widescreen sense... so I hit the revamp button:

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


My original post.

ETA: Sorry everyone, I obviously linked it wrong, it's all working fine now!

ETA 2: I lie. Photobucket is pulling some ridiculous stunt... I can't use thumbnail or direct links, they always direct me to the 320px thumb, so It's now linked to my Deviant Art post, click download on the left for full res.
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[07 Feb 2008|10:32pm]

i get the 42 bus to school every day- and after almost 3 years of getting that bus I've still never quite got over the excitement.. problem is, it's actually quite a rubbish bus:P
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Time is an illusion; Newbies doubleyso. [05 Feb 2008|09:13pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Ello ello Hitchhiker fans. I'm Piratehatter and I'm stalking over here from Guideslash. That place is so dead it makes me cry T^T

That being said, I've been a HGttG for... well... not long (compared to you guys >.>). Maybe 8 months? I don't know. But... I'm mostly a slash fan and that, I'm sure will be present. Is that ok? Slash? Slashiness? Slashitude?

If not, I can live. Well maybe. Anyway, I hurd you guyz liek artz? 

Well that's just a sample. I have more at my DeviantArt site specifically devoted to Hitchhiker's Guide. That's updated... semi-often. And I've recently taken up a challenge: HGttG25, as it were. So that's more motivation.

One last thing before I stop buzzing around: Are fanfics allowed here? Slash fanfics? Mature slash fanfics? Just wondering.
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Need help tracking down a reference... [04 Feb 2008|01:39pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I need help tracking down a reference for a presentation I have to give in a class tomorrow.

I seem to recall a small essay or statement either written by, or in a book about, Douglas Adams. It was a response to the observation that Arthur Dent seemed like something of a depressing character, stating that he was actually the perfect British hero because he struggles through adversity, lives through what should be absolutely mind-blowingly traumatic experiences, and endures.

Unfortunately, I can't cite it (or even make sure I'm not misstating it) if I can't find it.

Any idea what book it was from?

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[08 Sep 2007|08:51pm]

[ mood | sad ]

To the guy who had the DNA license plate icon. You made me one with an Ontario plate and I can't find it. :(

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i need help regarding a date (of the non-romantic type) [28 Aug 2007|12:26am]

whilst recently going through one of my hard drives which i havn't really looked at for years, i discovered the books in audio-book format as read/narrated by Douglas Adams himself.

the thing i'm curious about is that i cant seem to work out which year they were recorded. i've checked the file-tags and they reveal nothing and i've tried to Google around but have had no luck there either.

the only clue i have is that they were issued by a company called Dove Audio but in terms of the tape or LP covers i have no clue.

if anyone could help enlighten me or point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

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Dirk [17 Jul 2007|11:09am]

So, come on, then. We're Douglas Adams fans, allegedly, so who's heard about Dirk Gently's new radio series? I for one am looking forward to this, it might breathe at least a little life into an otherwise almost totally dead fandom. [BBC Press Office]

(Crossposted to dna_fans, hhgttg, ursaminorbeta.)
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Its may 26th, do you know where your towel is? [26 May 2007|04:51am]

Its the day after... do you still know where it is?

The duo!!
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Towel Day 2007 [25 May 2007|10:16pm]


"Do you know where your towel is?"

"Yes", says Vicki, "It's upon my head preventing me from seeing dangers a la peril sunglasses."

Towel Day :: A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)
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[11 Mar 2007|01:06pm]


(11th March 1952 - 11th May 2001. RIP)

And got this off my friend's LJ: it's a poem by Paul Neil Milne Johnstone, on whom Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings was based:

From the worst poet everCollapse )
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Audiobooks [27 Feb 2007|05:05pm]

I just finished listening to Life, the Universe and Everything on my iPod for probably the twelfth time and I was wondering if anyone else on here was just madly in love with the audiobook versions of our favourite work of fiction to ever come out of the great publishing centers of Earth Mach I (Mach II, perhaps).

Just a query out of curiosity. Which do you prefer, reading the books or listening to the illustrious Mr. Adams read them to you?
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Shame I Don't Like Brandy... [27 Feb 2007|04:54pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I came across a receipe for a Gargle Blaster.

35 cl. Tia Maria®
35 cl. Vodka
17.5 cl. Cherry Brandy
1 dash Lime Juice
1/2 glass 7-Up
1/2 glass Apple Cider
4 Ice


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[30 Oct 2006|11:06am]

The Arthur Song

(To the tune of The Llama Song):

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[25 Oct 2006|01:08pm]

H2G2 Calendar for 2007:

(Follow the fake LJ cut...)
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